The Largest Iguana Enclosure in the World

The first aim off the project has been accomplished by constructing a 800 m2 iguana enclosure. This micro-habitat mimics the local jungle setting with a sandy nesting area, various plants for food sources, mature trees both for refuge and food and a fish pond for water and shelter.In this area the iguanas are self-sustained which is vital to ensure their survival in the wild.

The enclosure will shortly open to the public and entrance costs will go towards the running of the project. The benefits of the project help not only the animals but also the local community. Constructing the enclosures and looking after the iguanas already employs several local people.

The cost of the project to date has been largely funded by Mr Edsart Besier. This has included providing land, clearing it, building the enclosure, planting trees and edible plants and digging irrigation ditches. Funds are needed to ensure the continued success of the project.

The Ouwehand Zoo, Holland supported the project in 2001 and 2002 with a donation of 1200 us dollars which helped to build 2 small enclosures for baby iguanas. This year they have helped again with a donation of 1750 us dollars and the project has also received some other small donations from friends of Iguana Verde.